Paris, December 5th 2019

Paris, November 6th 2019

Paris, September 24th 2019

Here is the podcast of my interview with Jerome Croizemarie from Frontiere Rock on French radio station Attitude FM. It's a great show, and it was a very nice experience.

Paris, September 9th 2019

Someone made a video with VICTIMS. Thank you.

Paris, August 30th 2019

I Hung Around in Your Soundtrack - Show 10 - Perfect Moments Wait

Whitelight // Whiteheat Weekly Post-Punk Darkwave Darksynth Tips 31-19

Thank you so much Keisha @ KWCW and Fabrizio @ whitelight-whiteheat for helping independent artists like me getting a bit closer to their audience. ♥


Paris, July 18th 2019

It is true what they say. Tattoos are addictive.


Paris, June 7th 2019

This is the artwork for the next release.



Paris, June 2nd 2019

I do not really like giving up on a song because it bored me, maybe to come back to it later, and start a new one that I like better from the start. Isn't it what people are doing with each other?


Paris, May 14th 2019

I am almost done mixing and arranging Is That Gasoline I Smell. It is a bit different from the other songs I've made before but I reckon it will be a good addition to the EP. I've completely changed the ending last night.
Also, I've decided to start rehearsing the material that exists already for a future live set. I'm hoping it'll be ready by the end of this summer.


Paris, May 10th 2019

I have started making something different. I was looping endlessly making rather crappy stuff and it happened. The song that will result of it will be called Is That Gasoline I Smell as a tribute to the movie The Crow.


Paris, May 6th 2019

I finished mixing the song about the weird dream I had last week. It's called love.exe, which is what the EP will also be called. I am proud of it and it will be uploaded to Bandcamp later this week.


Paris, April 26th 2019

I had the weirdest dream last night. Went to see a shaman who transported me to a place called Ether, where wisemen with long hooded robes and squid faces welcomed me but then had to leave due to a catastrophe happening...


Paris, April 25th 2019

I'm working as a fake engineer, I got bored, angry, depressed and started having inspiration again (is it related?), so I am abandoning this position / hell and getting back to university to study computer music, composition and digital arts. Have you ever had to take such an important decision and felt like you have to explain yourself all the time to everyone? F. U. C. K. Y. O. U.


Paris, April 24th 2019

I've decided to open a simple website to easily share information with the people who might be interested. You are on this website right now. It contains a journal section (this page), a recommendations section, tour dates, and a page for listening songs.


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